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Reviewing Anime

My Introduction to Anime started….

I think I was around ten when I watched my first anime.  I don’t remember exactly why I was by myself watching this, but I do remember being in our basement sitting on our very worn thread bare couch flipping though channels when I happened upon this very odd looking cartoon.  Seemed to be about a couple of boys, motorcycles and psychic powers with some freaky looking kids.

Then heads started exploding, there was a bunch of blood and well ya….wow this was a cartoon?!!

I spent the next hour or so riveted by this new style (at least for me) animation.  What did it turn out I was watching?  Akira, yup a great start to being introduced to anime.  

So I continued…

After Akira I kept my eye out for more anime, hard to do when you’re ten.  Then the more ‘kid friendly’ anime started coming over to the US.  Sailor Moon made her debut in the States and more quietly Ronin Warriors.  While my sister was also able to get behind Sailor Moon I also loved Ronin Warriors.

Low and behold I was hooked.

Now as an adult with access to various outlets for media I’ve been enjoying new series, new styles and new stories. 

Which leads me to…

I’ve been tossing the idea of creating my own review site, but with know real artistic talent I didn’t think a video channel would work.  I’ve always loved to write and due to my job wishing me to learn WordPress I had the perfect excuse to start a blog.  Now I can express my thoughts on whatever anime I watch and see who else out there has the same thoughts (or can smartly disagree).

With that let us dive into the world of anime, and see what thoughts I have on the shows and movies that are out there.



Trying my hand at reviews, thoughts and rants in blog form since my artwork always looks like it was run over by a truck.

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