What are drabbles?


For me drabbles are my thoughts on the world around me, usually triggered by current events or trends that I see going on.  They usually start with the “Why are people acting, thinking that way about….?” and usually I come up with my own theories about said reactions of people.  I will encourage any readers of this blog to join the discussion, keeping in mind that this is my opinion so bring evidence if you think I’m wrong.

Some of my drabbles will be more along the lines of “I don’t get it…..”.  Many of these are due to my inability to see why somethings are as they are.  This can stem from me not understanding the cultural/socioeconomic/religious significance of an event/action and therefore I am coming at this issue from the perspective of someone that has not had to live or experienced the situation.  Or I do understand why the event came about and I just don’t understand how it may have turned out the way it did.  These drabbles will be more of a how I see it, and my reaction and/or “would doing it this way make it better?”.  These drabbles are more to express my frustration with the world as many times I really just don’t get it.

The last group of drabbles will just be random thoughts and musings.  Nothing profound or contemplative.  I believe that it is important for folks to express feelings and thoughts freely and that includes the thoughts that have no real focus or back story.  

Lets see how this all works out.