The First Three’s

In the First Three’s : My Try At Reviewing

I’ve always been interested in doing my own take at reviewing movies and TV Shows.  So here is how I’ll be going at it.

In the First Three’s I’ll be looking a show or movie in the following way

  • In the First Thirty Minutes: Has the plot captured my attention?  What is my initial thoughts?  What are the first three characters, settings, etc like?  Did I finish watching
  • In the First Three Episodes: Has the plot progressed? Any new characters?  What do I think about the; characters, plot, setting, etc?  Did I continue to watch?
  • In the First Three Seasons: How did the plot change?  Do I still like what I’m watching?

What will I Review?

Fairly obvious this will be a review on movies and TV shows.  While I will try to cover all genres some will get more coverage than others.  I’m a huge fan of anime and fantasy but shy away from horror and slashers.  Drama and romance are okay but I’m not a huge fan of comedies. So we’ll see how this all goes.